Our movement to break through political dysfunction begins with you.

Interesting in running for office as an independent? Currently in office but thinking about leaving your party?

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        Unite Colorado Support

        To bridge the growing partisan divide and fix our broken political system, Unite Colorado aims to recruit and support independent candidates who:

        • Have strong character and integrity
        • Are aligned with our principles and approach to governance
        • Are able to run credible & viable campaigns

        Depending on the candidate, office, and location, our support comes in many different forms –– ranging from a simple endorsement to access to our statewide network of campaign talent, volunteers, and donors.

        We will evaluate opportunities on a rolling, case-by-case basis. If you are a candidate or are thinking about becoming a candidate, please fill out the form above and our team will quickly be in contact with you. You may also contact us at hello@unitecolorado.org or by phone at 970-283-7385.

        Independent candidates must already be unaffiliated voters as of January 1, 2018. Candidates have from May 17th to July 12th to collect 400 signatures from registered voters in their district to appear on the ballot for the State House, and 600 signatures from registered voters in their district to appear on the ballot for the State Senate.

        Independents can be successful anywhere in Colorado, but the following districts have races that are currently uncontested by a major party candidate and offer a competitive head-to-head matchup opportunity:  

        • Colorado State Senate District 3 (Pueblo)
        • Colorado House District 2 (Denver)
        • Colorado House District 6 (Denver)
        • Colorado House District 7 (Denver)
        • Colorado House District 8 (Denver)
        • Colorado House District 11 (Denver)
        • Colorado House District 32 (Commerce City)
        • Colorado House District 36 (Aurora)
        • Colorado House District 42 (Aurora)
        • Colorado House District 53 (Fort Collins)

        We’re emphasizing recruitment in these areas because we believe voters deserve a true choice in their decision for state legislature.