Reform is on the rise

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July 23, 2021

Colorado is leading the nation in implementing meaningful reforms that put voters first. From redistricting to ranked choice voting, reform is on the rise in Colorado and that means good things ahead for our democracy!

Below, check out what we’ve been watching in the world of reform in July. 

  1. RCV worked in NYC

With the passage of HB107, Colorado municipalities will now have the chance to implement ranked choice voting in coordinated elections with counties starting in 2025. Meanwhile, cities like Boulder and Denver now have opportunities to explore RCV in their municipal elections. With RCV potentially playing an expanded role in the Centennial State, Coloradans can look to other municipalities that have adopted ranked choice voting to see their experiences with it. In New York City, which recently used ranked choice voting in the biggest expansion of the reform yet, voters have reported overwhelmingly positive experiences with the system. 

Read this piece from Maya Wiley, one of the NYC mayoral candidates, who despite her loss, argues that ranked choice voting was effective and representative for voters in the city.

  1. Redistricting in Action

The action around Colorado’s first independent redistricting commission is heating up! Draft maps for the new districts were recently released, and the commission is now holding public hearings across the state for public input. Make sure that you get involved by attending a hearing in person or virtually! Your voice will help to shape the maps and your representation for the next ten years.

Additionally, the deadline for commissioners to draw final maps is coming soon. Be on the lookout for an announcement from the Colorado Supreme Court on whether or not the commission will be granted an extension.

  1. All-Star Elections

This month, Colorado had the opportunity to host the MLB All-Star game. While the talent of the nation’s best players was the main event, Colorado’s stellar record on voter access was on display for the whole country.    

In a recent op-ed from Jefferson County clerk and recorder George Stern, we are reminded that Colorado’s voter friendly policies should not be viewed as exceptional, but rather the standard that all states should abide by. In his words “voter access is as American as baseball, too — or at least it should be.”

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