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Jay Geyer, House District 33

Jay is a husband, father, and military veteran. As a Sergeant in the United States Army, Jay learned the importance of putting country and people before a political party – values that will serve him well in the Colorado General Assembly. He currently teaches ethics and environmental justice at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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        About Jay Geyer


        Jay currently works at CU Boulder teaching ethics and political philosophy. Before that, he served in the Army for three years.  Jay was honorably discharged with an Army Commendation Medal and an Army Achievement Medal in 2006. Afterwards, he entered college and met his wife. Jay regards his time in the Army as teaching him the value of service and sacrifice, and instilled in him the habits of discipline and hard work – values and habits which will serve him well in the Colorado General Assembly.

        Jay believes our state and federal governments have been failing to protect the basic interests of the people, and both sides were cynically manipulating voter anger to stay in power, rather than strengthening our bonds through thoughtful collaboration. He hoped someone would demonstrate the leadership needed to mend our fraying democracy, while placing the long term interests of all the people they represent over the short term political logic of winning the next election. Eventually he came to see that there was no good reason why that person couldn’t be him.

        Jay is ready to get off the sidelines and fight to make government work for the people again. He want to bridge the partisan divide and find and support solutions that benefit everyone.  Jay plans to pull from his experience as a philosopher and educator, as a veteran, and as a husband and father to lead in a way that is thoughtful, service-minded, and always with an eye to the future prosperity of the great state of Colorado.